Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & answers to the questions that we receive the most.

How do I pay for a locker?

Top up your account with your chosen amount via BUY CREDIT and book your locker. When you are done press CHECK OUT and the rental amount will be deducted from your account credit.

Will my credit ever expire?

No. Your credit will stay on your account unless you cancel your customer account.

What if I want to change my locker?

Lockers are randomly generated; however, you can check out from your current locker within 5 minutes and book another one without being charged.

If I use a locker for 2.5 hours how will I be charged?

The charge of 3 hours will apply since our system charges at the beginning of every hour of use with a maximum amount reached after 5 hours.

I have 2 Euros in my account; can I book and use a small locker for 3 hours?

No, even though you have enough credit to cover 3 hours of use, you are required to have the maximum chargeable amount for the locker you choose to book depending on its size, in this case €3.00.

Can I book a locker for a future date?

Yes, you can. On NOW or LATER screen press on LATER and choose the day you want to book your locker for. The price for the full day of use will be deducted immediately after reserving your locker.

Can I cancel my future booking?

Yes, you can always cancel the booking; however, the charge will still apply.

Can I rent more than one locker at once from my account?

Yes, you can rent as many lockers as you need at the same time as long as you have enough credit to cover the costs.

Can I charge my phone inside the locker?

Yes, all our lockers are equipped with a USB charging port. All you have to do is to plug in your USB cable and connect your device.

How long can I rent a locker for?

You can rent a locker until the relevant location’s cut-off time for that day. The cut-off time is indicated on the app prior to the booking in the respective location.

What happens if my belongings are still in the locker after the cut-off time?

Your booking will be automatically checked out and charged for a full day of use. Your locker will be locked and can only be opened by a member of our team. You are kindly requested to contact a member of our team by calling +356 77 302 315 to schedule collection time. €20.00 fee will apply whenever a member of our team is called on site.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password please contact our hotline on +356 77 302 315 for assistance. We will have to ask you to verify your identity.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Paddly?

If you find a fault after renting a locker, you can checkout within 5 minutes without being charged and book another locker. If you experience a fault after this time, please call the hotline on +356 77 302 315 for assistance.

Paddly is Super Easy to Use

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